Workshop Topics

1.AlN Bulk Crystals and TemplatesJulien Brault
2.Growth and Properties of AlGaN HeterostructuresEva Monroy
3.Growth and Properties of Oxides (Ga2O3 etc.) and DiamondDave Rogers
4.UV-emitters (Lasers and LEDs) and DetectorsBenjamin Damiliano
5.Nanostructures and NanodevicesMaria Tchernycheva
6.UV Photonics and Photonic DevicesThierry Guillet
7.Wide-gap Heterostructure PhysicsPaul Voss
8.UV Characterization TechniquesGuillaume Cassabois
9.2D Material-based epitaxy and layer transfer for UVJeehwan Kim
10.Applications (Medical and others) of UV LED and Lasers Jean-Paul Salvestrini